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My Experience in Broom Making....

My first recollection of hand made brooms was at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.  The broom maker for the park, Stan Inman and I became very good friends.  Over the years, he has taught me everything he knows about broom making.  In addition, I have taken some instruction from Shawn Hoefer of Laffing Horse Crafts in Mountain View, Arkansas.
I can help you learn to make brooms if you need a jumpstart.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions, or need some instruction.  Everything from kitchen brooms to whisk brooms and cobweb brooms are made from broom corn, some of which I grow myself.
 What are brooms made from?
 Broom corn is a crop grown specifically for broom making.  It's actually not corn at all.  It is a type of sorghum.
 In 2011, I planted my first crop of broom corn.
Cabin Creek Studio Broom Shop
Linda Randolph, Shawn Hoefer and Sue Vunesky
at Shawn's shop at the Ozark Folk Center
Sue Vunesky and Stan Inman
 after a lesson in making kitchen brooms
​Sadly, Stan has passed away.  He will be missed.
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