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2016 Quilting Retreat
This year we will be quilting in August! 9th, 10th and 11th to be exact. Bring your machine (or use one of mine), and a dish to share. It should be fun!

Quilting Retreat in June
I am planning on a quilting retreat in June - dates have not been decided just yet. Check back for details!

Rye Straw Coiled Baskets
I just finished four days of working with Mike Yeomans! So much fun. So interesting. So much knowledge. So much talent. And...such sore thumbs! I have wanted to learn this basket ever since I met Mike. Finally, I had the opportunity to work with him. Thank you so much Mike! I loved it!

Where do I start? I will be taking weaving classes in a couple of weeks in Jefferson City. Then, I'm on my way to Cape Girardeau for the Erlbacher Crank-in! The following week it's off to Arkansas for the Sweepin at the Folk Center. So much to do - so little time. I hope everyone is staying warm and getting some projects completed!

Wine basket class
The basket class on Thursday was so much fun! I think we will do this more often....

4-H Basket Class
We had a great time on Friday with the 4-H girls. The beginners did extremely well. And, well so did everyone else. We even had time to weave paper stars. I hope everyone had as much fun and Melanie and I did. See you next time!

"Show Me" Your Socks!
I need to thank everyone for the best crank-in EVER! The friends, the knitting, the laughing, the broom making, and don't forget the FOOD! It was all amazing! I will start making plans for the November crank-in immediately. Thank you for your help and most of all your friendship. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life! - Sue

Tax Day!
Yuk! This is my least favorite day of the year....

On a brighter note - The crank-in in Cape Girardeau was FABULOUS!!! Thanks so much to the Erlbachers for all their hard work. It was quite the party!

On to Nashville, Indiana next week for a crank-in in Brown County. This one is always fun. Can't wait to see everyone...

Spring break
Today is Thursday - quilting day! Also, the grandkids are on spring break, so Autumn, Kassidy and Elly will be here to join in on the fun. Even though Elly is only 7, she can already sew a 1/4" seam allowance!

Packing up for Cape Girardeau
I've started packing for the Erlbacher Open House. This is the start of "crank-in" season. It will be nice to see everyone again. Lots of new sock knitting machines and lots of new socks and such!

Lovely Missouri snowed again! And snowed....and snowed....we ended up with about 12". This is not normal for March in Missouri! Somebody turn this around - I am ready for spring!

At last- spring is here!
For now anyway...
Today is a sock knitting day. I'm working on my Erlbacher machine with some new yarn from Dafna. The sun is shining in the window - Nora Jones is on the radio - it's a good day in the midwest!

Crank-in ideas...
Help me folks....Besides Margaritas, chocolate and lots and lots of food, what else? Should we have a speed heel contest? More demos? Just wing it? It's all good, isn't it?

Sock knitting today
Today I am working on a custom order for hand cranked sock machine socks. Friday I finished my mystery quilt top. Thank you Ann for the great idea! I started a new quilt yesterday (still working on all those kits I purchased years ago!) The snow is still piled up around here, so I will start a fire and hunker down.....

Another snow storm
Here we go again...I'm ready for spring!

Quilting and Knitting
On this glorious sunny day in Missouri, I am quilting AND knitting socks, while listening to Alison Krauss. It doesn't get much better than this....

It's cold in Missouri!
I love winter for crafts! I am so much more inspired when I'm trapped indoors.
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